Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[FPS/2012]

This is Full Games cr@ked

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Instructions in english


1.Download and Install Steam Client

2.Download latest GreenLuma and extract it to your Steam Installfolder

3.Download the Folder fix and extract it to your “C:” HDD

4.Download the MP-Fix and extract it to your Game Installfolder

5.Download the Server Fix and extract the File to “X:XXXXCounter Strike Global Offensivecsgocfg”

6.Start “GreenLuma.exe” and Login

7.Start the Game

As Host: Choose “Play Offline with Bots” and wait for other Players
As Client: Press “~” and type into the Console: connect Host-IP
Example: connect


1. Extract the crack, copy overwrite the entire contents of the folder “crack” folder to install CS-GO.
2. Copy folder “windows” override in C: Windows
3. Install steam
4. Create new .txt file with notepad, save the file contents with . bat extension in place of .txt then run it
“C: Program Files (x86) Steam Config”
“C: Program Files (x86) Steam depotcache”
“C: Program Files (x86) Steam AppCache”
“C: Windows AppPatch”
“C: Windows system32 AdvancedInstallers”
“C: Windows system32 1033”
“C: Windows addins”
“C: Windows system32 ar-SA”
“C: Windows system32 roof”
“C: Windows system32 0409”
“C: Windows assembly”
“C: Windows BitLockerDiscoveryVolumeContents”
“C: Windows Fonts”


Note: if you lack the above folder, the game will crash at load screen.
Game is currently only running modes: “Play with Bots Offline” and only the second player in Classic mode, second mode is the first game or crash.

All in one:!igpjVQBa!Xogjl3dSDloAFUnWcjroTDhHNEUiBjiRVccmjk3TAv8


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