Hướng dẫn Root Bluestacks,,


Thanks to XDA developers’ senior Member codelover who invented this BlueStacks State Saver Utility written as Windows Batch Script.

What It Does

1) Backup your whole BS android system to another folder so that you can restore your system faster & easier.
2) Backup your BS registry so that you can survive after reinstall (Only for same version of BS).

What It Does Not

This utility does not backup your BS program files, just android system runtime files, you must have working BS,
so don’t expect this program to restore or repair your BS program after you uninstalled or crashed it.

Known Limitation

– There is no fancy interface, you might only expect to see some simple message like ‘Backup/Restore completed’
– So far has only been tested working good in Windows 7 x86 (New confirmed will be added to list)
– The backup & restore might only work for the SAME version of Bluestacks only. (To be confirmed)
– You can only create 1 copy of backup per-minute, if you are desperate just append ‘a’ ‘b’ to the backup folder name.

Files Description

BS_registrySave.cmd : Backup your BS registry with filename ended with today date.
BS_stateBackup.cmd : Backup your BS android system state data to a folder name ended with today date & time.
BS_stateRestore.cmd : Restore from backup created with this utility.* Requires Administrator rights

How To Use

1) Get BlueStacks State Saver Utility, extract with your favorite zip program by choosing Extract Here or similar.
2) Open extracted folder ‘BSSSU‘ and run the BS_registrySave & BS_stateBackup to create your first backup.
3) Press any key to exit when done, look for the same folder for newly created backup folder.
4) Now you can install anything or do crazy things with your BS
5) Just run BS_stateRestore whenever you think you need to restore to earlier backed-up state.*) To backup your BS registry, run BS_registrySave and BS registry will be exported. (Filename ended with today date)
*) To restore registry, just double click it (Not needed to restore state, only needed if you play with registry tweak)

* It’s your responsibility to take care of how many copy of backup you want to keep, the utility does not care.
* By default the utility will always look for a folder name ‘backup‘ to be used for restore first, if not found, the latest copy
will be used instead, based on the folder name sorting rule – Hence, the last folder Windows see in file list will be selected.


It would be unethical to not to give credit to rocketero from xdadevelopers who put all his efforts to provide us with pre-rooted system img and root.fs and also to mention that he has probably followed my method that I used to root bluestacks beta version. Anyways, let’s get to the point:

Get the relevant zip file from the links given below:




1. Go to C:\Program Files\Bluestacks (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluestacks if you have x64bit), and dobleclick on HD-Quit.exe, this will close BS.
2. Rename Initrd.img and Root.fs to something else. they are located in C:\ProgramData\Bluestacks\Android
3. Extract the files from the downloaded zip file, and copy Root.fs and Initrd.img from it to C:\ProgramData\Bluestacks\Android


Extract the zip files to any location on your PC and Run BlueStacks_HD_0.7.9.860.msi

Re-launch Bluestacks. Enjoy your ROOTED BLUESTACKS.!


In case you have problems during the root process, Here are the troubleshooting guides. Please readthese steps carefully, before asking for help using the comment box.

You have to reset BLUESTACKS files:

1- Get “Root_MOD.rar”, “initrd_MOD.rar” and “Data_Org.rar” from HERE
2- Extract them on “%programdata%\BlueStacks\Android”
2- If you don’t have backup -> either extract them from “%programdata%\BlueStacksSetup\[xxxxxx].zip” and start from scratch  or follow above ROOTING METHOD.

If you want to get SUPERUSER access:

1- Get last version of Superuser for x86 from HERE
2- Get 7-Zip & install it from HERE (if you didn’t have it)
3- Get latest version of “busybox-i686″ from HERE to “C:\pubuntu” (take attention it should be small letter) and rename the downloaded file into “busybox”
4- Extract “\system\bin\su” to “C:\pubuntu” we need it to copy it to “/system/bin” & “/system/xbin”
5- Extract “\system\app\Superuser.apk” to “C:\pubuntu”
6- Close 7-zip
7- Open “Superuser.apk” via “7-zip” -> extract “assets\sutools-x86″ -> rename it into “sutools-armeabi” -> drag it back in 7-zip to replace existed “sutools-armeabi”.
8- Make copy of “busybox” and rename this copy to “busybox-armeabi” -> drag it again in 7-zip to replace existed “busybox-armeabi”
8- Close 7-zip and now, you have latest files MOD Superuser,apk, extracted “su” binary and busybox files.

How to Transfer files TO/FROM SYSTEM using ADB Command:

You should have “su” with root permission.
[GOOD TOOL: “Add_Open_Command_Window_Here_as_Administrator.reg ” HERE to allow you open command from any folder]
a) To replace old “superuser.apk” with new file
1- Get “CodeLover_SU.rar” (superuserX86-3.2RC3) from HERE -> extract it into “C:\pubuntu” OR use your own MOD file from step F- MOD LATEST “SUPERUSER.APK”, EXTRACTED “SU” BINARY, BUSYBOX FILES
2- Run “Add_Open_Command_Window_Here_as_Administrator.reg ” from “C:\pubuntu” folder
3- Write commands
adb connect
adb -s shell su -c "rm /*uperuser.apk"
adb -s uninstall com.noshufou.android.su
adb -s install *uperuser.apk
b) Replace old “su” binary file with new file1- Get “CodeLover_SU.rar” (suX86-3.2RC3) from HERE ->extract it into “C:\pubuntu” OR use your own Extracted file FROM – MOD LATEST “SUPERUSER.APK”, EXTRACTED “SU” BINARY, BUSYBOX FILES2- Run “Add_Open_Command_Window_Here_as_Administrator.reg ” from “C:\pubuntu” folder3- Write commands
adb connect
adb -s push su.86 /sdcard/
adb -s shell su -c "cp /sdcard/su.86 /system/xbin/"
adb -s shell su -c "chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su.86"
adb -s shell su -c "chmod 6755 /system/xbin/su.86"
adb -s shell su -c "mv /system/xbin/su.86 /system/xbin/su"
adb -s shell su -c whoami # if you got "Root"
adb -s shell su -c "cp /system/xbin/su /system/bin/su"
c)Replace old “busybox” file with new file
1- Get latest version of “busybox-i686″ from HERE to “C:\pubuntu” and rename the downloaded filesinto “busybox” OR use one you already download it in step F- MOD LATEST “SUPERUSER.APK”, EXTRACTED “SU” BINARY, BUSYBOX FILES
2- Run “Add_Open_Command_Window_Here_as_Administrator.reg ” from “C:\pubuntu” folder
3- Write commandsadb connect
adb -s push busybox /sdcard/
adb -s shell su -c "cp /sdcard/busybox /system/xbin/busybox-i686"
adb -s shell su -c "chown 0.2000 /system/xbin/busybox-i686"
adb -s shell su -c "chmod 0755 /system/xbin/busybox-i686"
adb -s shell su -c "mv /system/xbin/busybox-i686 /system/xbin/busybox"
adb -s shell busybox
You should not have error

How to Change Bluestacks Screen Resolution:

Just use this TOOL

For version, use this registry file


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